A New Twist: Building the Freebird Lifestyle Real Estate Dream

The real estate industry is always changing, but the way we approach client experiences has stayed the same for decades. Potential home buyers and sellers approach an agent, they discuss their needs, and an agent helps them find the right opportunity.

It?s been this same story that has dominated the industry for as long as we can remember. And it?s that same story that drove our team to start a new type of real estate agency ? one with a primary focus on the lifestyle needs of our clients.

Freebird was launched by husband and wife duo Don and Jennifer Ginsburg, and was joined by lifestyle agents Alex McCoy and licensed contractor Pete Osterman.

A Lifestyle-Driven Real Estate Experience

Life is a series of constant changes. We launched Freebird to help homeowners achieve their lifestyle dreams ? today, not tomorrow. Founders Don and Jennifer were excited to live in East Fort Lauderdale earlier in their lives, embracing the urban lifestyle. But as life happened and children came into the picture, they made the traditional move to the suburbs.

Deep down, they always knew they would return to the Fort Lauderdale Area ? it was a simple matter of when ? not if.

They eventually realized they had to act if they wanted to realize the potential of their lifestyle. They searched the market, found the right neighborhood based on their experience in the area, moved their home and turned it into an extension of their lifestyle.

That experience opened their eyes to a major gap in the market.?

A great majority of their friends and colleagues all wanted the same thing. They wanted a home selection process that was lifestyle-driven, but they didn?t have the time or familiarity with specific areas to satisfy those needs.

So, we founded Freebird to solve that exact problem. We created a real estate agency that works as a trusted guide to help you achieve the lifestyle you want ? and one that will empower you and your family to live where your lifestyle thrives.

Here?s what we offer our clients:

  • A personalized approach to the lifestyle we live, so our clients can experience it for themselves.
  • Dedicated tours for homes in the most desirable areas.
  • A refined search experience that?s based on market data, street-level intel, and our expertise.
  • Access to a chief negotiator that will get you the best value possible.
  • A simplified closing process that walks you through the steps, forms, and other requirements.
  • Social connections to other families that have made the move to East Fort Lauderdale.


Meet the Freebird Lifestyle Real Estate Team

Don Ginsburg, Founder & President

Don brings over 30 years of South Florida real estate experience in development, construction, and brokerage. He has overseen the construction of thousands of homes and developed communities in Coral Gables, Weston, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and more.

Jennifer Ginsburg, Founder & Lifestyle Agent

Jennifer brings decades of marketing, event coordination and organizational skills to the Freebird team. She knows exactly how to help clients find their dream home based on their lifestyle goals, and she uses her extensive experience of the East Fort Lauderdale markets to make it happen.

Alex McCoy, Real Estate & Lifestyle Agent

Alex is a talented businesswoman who knows how to deliver an exceptional client experience. As a real estate and lifestyle agent, she offers concierge-level service that is both knowledgeable and personalized.

Pete Osterman, Licensed Contractor & Real Estate Sales Associate

Pete brings 35 years of experience in construction and development. He has lived in the ?east side? and ?waterfront? areas since the 1980s and has a thorough understanding of what makes this area the ideal lifestyle destination for homeowners.

Achieve Your Lifestyle Dreams in East Fort Lauderdale

Are you interested in moving to the East Fort Lauderdale area? Let the Freebird team guide you through your move. Our team of passionate real estate and lifestyle agents can help you find the perfect home that fits your lifestyle needs.


Have questions about our services and team? Get in touch with a member of our team by calling 954-745-9505.


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