Freebird Addresses COVID-19 as it pertains to Real Estate in East Fort Lauderdale

The entire world is on the edge of their seat waiting to see how long we are going to be ?quarantined? from the COVID-19 outbreak, and it?s affecting businesses left and right. There are so many things we can be doing right now to be proactive despite what is going on. At Freebird, we?re all about making light of bad situations and being positive in our lives and actions. We decided to put together a little list of things to help sellers, buyers and explain how we?re addressing this time.?

Spring cleaning came early this year?

First and foremost, as a homeowner, now is a great time to ?nest;? declutter your house, clean out your closet and sort through old clothing. Marie Kondo the heck out of your living space! If it doesn?t bring you joy, it?s time to go. Donate these items as much as you can, as there are people who are in need.?

Additionally, Floridian?s actions would insinuate there is a hurricane on its way, but the weather is still near perfect and spending time outside is easy. Use this good weather to get in the yard and freshen up your landscaping

It?s also almost Spring – a great time of year to list your home. While you?re quarantined away from the world, now is a great time to finish the baseboards in your third bedroom, paint over a few patches you just mended and maybe even finish that backsplash remodel in your kitchen. Now more than ever is a time to use whatever free time to be productive. And hey, you can put the kids to work, too!?

While you?re probably sitting at home at night wondering what ELSE to watch because you?ve casually worked your way through 3 different series on Netflix, look at tuning into some real estate-centric shows to help inspire you for your in-home projects such as ?House Hunters,? ?Million Dollar Listing? and ?Fixer Upper.??

Prepping your home for showings?

For those of you who have your house listed and are still accepting showings, do your best to keep your home prepped with items to keep it safe. With what you can find, make sure you have an adequate supply of hand sanitizer, signs to instruct visitors on what to/not to touch and perhaps a supply of paper towels and disinfectant wipes. This will help put the people viewing your home at ease in a time where everyone is concerned with contracting the Coronavirus.?

How this affects our home of Fort Lauderdale

At Freebird, we?re all about supporting local. Small businesses are going to suffer the most of all businesses during this time where we?re restricted from social interactions. The best thing you can do for these local businesses is to buy gift cards to use at a later date, order retail items for curbside pickup and order takeout. FYI – Delivery Dudes is offering free delivery for select restaurants! Be sure to get on their email list to receive the promo code.

As a Real Estate agency, we?re offering virtual showings to all of our clients over FaceTime and are pleased with the response from this. We have to be smart at this time as we?re sensitive to Coronavirus but remember to still need to live life cautiously and appropriately. So, make sure you?re washing your hands, disinfecting your home and practicing social distancing.

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